Create evidence-based programs, interventions and policy recommendations that would transform the way we educate our children. By 2026, we intend to impact 100,000 children, 50,000 educators/ parents and 1000 schools across 10 States in India.

Learning and Wellbeing are two emerging areas of research interest in the world today. At FMF, we are curious not just to unpack each of them individually, but also about how they interact and mutually enrich each other. In the next phase of our work (2021-2026), we intend to set up a research and training institute that would:

  • Conduct cutting-edge interdisciplinary research in the Indian context that would transform the way we educate our children
  • Develop a cadre of facilitators who will support schools and vulnerable communities to better engage with children’s learning 
  • Create an ecosystem of collaborative research engaging practitioners and scholars in education, neuroscience, psychology and humanities
  • Host conferences, fellowships and study-groups that would provide opportunities for dialogue across disciplines as well as inquiry through first-person reflection and contemplative practices
  • Advocate policies that support the kind of learning that foster flourishing for all children